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A development programme for European youth workers in 2010 that explored how web 2.0 and social media tools can extend and enhance their practice.

Across Europe, young people are producing and consuming new media at an unprecedented rate. This presents new challenges as well as new opportunities for youth workers.

From July to December 2010, ENGAGE provided twenty youth workers from the UK, Germany, Greece and Denmark with the opportunity to explore, test, and apply accessible digital tools. The scheme provided youth workers with the opportunity to extend and enhance their practice, in order to sustain young peoples positive engagement with society and each other.

The programme included visits to inspirational European projects that use digital tools to empower young people and meaningfully engage them as active European citizens.

The participants developed the digital communications skills they needed to produce applications and solutions that could advance the engagement of young people who face a variety of social, economic or cultural barriers in active civic life.

The project was led by Watershed (Bristol, UK) in partnership with Resource Centre for Educational Development (Aarhus, Denmark), Landeshaupstadt Hannover – Kulturbüro (Hannover, Germany) and Welfare Enterprise of Technology and Education of Municipality of Amaroussian (Amaroussian, Greece).

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Ended in December 2010