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People exploring projected map in Give Me Back My Broken Night

Give Me Back My Broken Night

A theatrical guided tour of the future of your city.

Presented by FUEL, Uninvited Guests and CircumstanceGive Me Back My Broken Night was originally developed as part of Watershed's Theatre Sandbox Programme and has also been part of Open City, iShed programme for the European City of Culture programme in Guimaraes, Portugal. Its UK premiere explored Bristol's Enterprize Zone.

Part performance, part guided tour, part planning workshop, audiences walk through areas under construction and share what is planned for the future and what the utopian and dystopian alternatives might be. Before their eyes, a glowing vision of the future will appear, the collective imagining of all those participating.

Using a combination of performance, location sensitive mobile devices, portable projectors and a cinematic soundtrack, the audience become the urban planners, collaborating on their own designs and imagined architectures.

Whilst participants walked around the Bristol Temple Quarter, illustrators back at HQ sketched the audience's visions as they came to light, and here are some of the drawings from the Give Me Back My Broken Night sessions:

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Give Me Back My Broken Night was part of a series of Bristol Temple Quarter commissions, coordinated by WatershedKnowle West Media Centre and MAYK, with support from Bristol City Council and Arts Council England. The projects were designed to pop up, excite and re-invent perceptions and potentials.

Photography by Jennie Jones

Ended in November 2010