Image of person using Jukola


A digital jukebox tested in Watershed that invited customers to vote for their choice of music to be played.

A collaboration with Mobile Bristol, in which Watershed acted as a research partner, led to the creation of Jukola, which explored artist and user experiences of digital media beyond the confines of the cinema or gallery. These experimental projects turn Watershed into a 'living lab space' with artists creating new content for visitors to try out.

Jukola was a digital interactive jukebox, tested in Watershed's Café/Bar in October 2003. Using wireless technology, handheld iPAQS and touch screens, visitors to the Café/Bar were able to try out Jukola by viewing a selection of nominated tunes, finding out more information about them and submitting their vote to determine the next track.

Votes were collated across all the iPAQs to determine the next track providing a democratic choice over the music played. Jukola was networked to allow access over the web to review a history of the music played and for musicians to submit MP3s remotely - providing an opportunity for any unsigned bands out there to upload their own music and put it to the public vote.

Jukola was designed by the Appliance Studio, with support from Watershed as part of Mobile Bristol.

Mobile Bristol was a programme investigating how mobile devices and pervasive information technology can be used to enhance the ways in which residents and visitors experience and interact with their physical environment and with each other in urban and public spaces.

Ended in October 2003