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Nature of Mind

Recordings from a Watershed event as part of The Fragmented Orchestra – a geographically distributed performance spanning music, art and science.

Watershed was one of 24 sites that formed The Fragmented Orchestra, a geographically distributed musical structure which mirrored the way the human brain processes sound to produce a compelling and ever-changing new instrument and composition.

As a part of The Fragmented Orchestra Watershed took part in 24 Fragments - a twenty four hour festival of music, neuroscience and performance, at twenty four sites across the UK. All of the events during the twenty four hour festival were relayed through the distributed ‘neuronal system’ of The Fragmented Orchestra and via its web site.

Watershed's contribution to 24 Fragments was a series of spoken word performances and talks on The Nature of Mind from John Onians discussing how the rhythms and patterns of birdsong have influenced contemporary music to performance poetry from Liv Torc and Prof. Tom Troscianko talking about visual perfection.

A neuron unit was installed outside Watershed’s main entrance to capture these performances and also the sound of visitors, the river, passing boats, inner-city traffic, shoppers, buskers and late night revellers. 

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Ended in February 2009