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Our Residency Programme

Supporting ambitious creative practitioners

We felt very cared for during our residency and that the Pervasive Media Studio (and the people in it) were genuinely invested in and excited about our project. There’s literally no way we would be where we are now without it. The residency has genuinely opened up a bunch of new possibilities that will be felt in our practice for many years.”

Action Hero, Artist in Residence 2017

We are passionate about supporting ambitious creative practitioners to get ideas off the ground, so each year, we invite applications to our funded Residency Programme. Through an open call, we seek ideas that blend creativity and technology. Drawing robots, bionic limbs and distinctively different theatre are just some of the awesome projects we have supported. We also work with great partners nationally and internationally, which have included the Crafts Council, iDAT, AiR Falmouth, Kitchen Budapest, the Netherlands Media Arts Institute, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the University of Bristol, the University of the West of England and We The Curious.

Our Residencies make a real difference to practitioners. We offer a bespoke programme, work space at the Pervasive Media Studio, a network of peers, plus financial, technical and critical support. It is a fantastic opportunity to make work, make connections, build profile and rapidly progress thinking.

“Watershed has introduced me to a wealth of possibilities that have taken my idea from a long held dream to a graspable reality. Through a plethora of idiot questions, I have been able to refine my ideas, and consider the practical challenges. Pervasive Media Studio Residents have been incredibly generous and have informed my thinking.”

Edson Burton, Artist and Playwright

The programme is made up of two different routes:
- Micro Residencies, for practitioners from under-represented demographics
- Winter Residencies, supporting creative practitioners of any discipline, career stage and background, who have ideas for projects that blend art and technology

And if our funded programmes don't fit your practice, timescales or ideas, you can apply any time to join the Pervasive Media Studio community.

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