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Image fo Transparent Room by Michael Pinsky

Transparent Room

A gallery installation at Watershed in 1999 projecting time-lapsed views from in and around Watershed into a 3D space.

Transparent Room by Michael Pinsky was a site-specific, projected installation at Watershed in March 1999, using multiple screens and viewpoints to give the viewer the feeling of being both inside and outside. Transparent Room was a further development of a body of work by Michael Pinsky that distorts and exaggerates real time and space to produce photographic art work located between the moving and still image. A day is compressed and a single focus on an image is enhanced and further enhanced in order to render the viewer increasingly tiny within a space

Working with local secondary schools, Watershed provided an educational programme and resource pack based around the Transparent Room, raising issues around technical production and considering the implications of exhibiting in a multi-screen environment. The website and the screensavers were one on the first attempts by Watershed staff to document and promote an exhibition online as well as using more traditional methods such as print.

Ended in March 1999

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