Lunchtime Talk
Fri 1 Jun 2018 13:00

Building A Martian House

Studio residents and artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent join us to discuss their latest project, to design, develop and build a house that has everything humans will need to live on Mars.

Photo by Robert Keller


Ella and Nicki

Nicki Kent

Nicki Kent works with artist Ella Good to create socially engaged projects. They are currently making a ten year series of works called A Decade With Mars.
Ella and Nicki at the VLA, New Mexico

Ella Good

Ella Good works in collaboration with artist Nicki Kent to create socially engaged projects. The duo are currently making a ten year series of works called A Decade With Mars.

The project looks at closely at technology but also the wider implications for humans living on Mars. They will share with us some of their social, psychological and philosophical questions that challenge not only about how we live now but how we might live, on and off-world in the future.

Nicki and Ella are also thinking about how they can make a house today for a future on Mars with accessible technologies. What can life on Mars teach us about sustainable technologies for Earth? What does the scenario of humans leaving Earth permanently provoke in terms of sociological and cultural inquiry?

This is not just a thought experiment. Ella and Nicki fully intend to build this, and when they do it will be with communities across Bristol as a large-scale participatory art project. The final ‘Martian house’ will be built by contributions of thousands of people across the city. It will use DIY technologies on a fraction of the budget of NASA, bringing together skills of technologists, scientists, artists and the local community to create something real that invites participants and audiences to consider their future and that of Earth's - and to literally build it.

This Lunchtime Talk is part of Open Studio Friday, which takes place at the Studio every week.

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