Lunchtime Talk
Fri 5 Jun 13:00-14:00 at YouTube Live

Control Shift - Rethinking our Relationships with Technology

In this special lunchtime talk we welcome “Control Shift” & will be introducing you to some of the Artists and Curators. Control Shift is an arts programme exploring how we might reconsider the way we connect with tech.

c/o Control Shift

c/o Control Shift


An image of Becca wearing a pink scarf and yellow jumper by a blue van with a cute dog in the drivers seat

Becca Rose

Artist, designer and educator making playful work at the intersection of craft, education, and technology.

Martha King

Martha works to develop and deliver the Arts Programme at KWMC, which includes exhibitions, installations, performances and artist residencies. Her work includes liaising with artists, co-ordinating the practical day-to-day delivery of KWMC’s arts programme and supporting the development of partnerships with cultural organisations and community engagement.

Rod Dickinson

Rod is Senior Lecturer in Digital Media, at the University of West England in Bristol and Artist. His artworks explore how feedback systems act as a form of control and how we interact with them, often unconsciously performing prescribed roles.

This Lunchtime Talk will be broadcast live on Watershed's YouTube channel

Control Shift Network is a collective of artists, technologists and producers. In 2019 they produced ‘You Make the Rules’ - a day of workshops followed by an algo-rave performance, which was part of Processing Community Day (a global celebration of ‘art, code and diversity’ initiated by the Processing Foundation). Control Shift has developed from this event and follows in the same ethos, with a focus on accessibility and diverse engagement. 

Control Shift asks how we can reframe and rethink our relationships with technology. How could we conceive of new possibilities beyond neoliberal versions of computing? What might happen if there was more space for poetic or tactile engagements with the digital? Can we reconsider our connections, responsibilities and embodied entanglements with t

In this talk curators Becca Rose, Martha King, and Rod Dickinson will discuss core ideas behind the event. They are excited to share the themes that underpin the programme with you, and also introduce some of the artists involved: Benjamin Redgrove and Arjun Harrison-Mann (who are exploring ideas of radical accessibility), and Wisterlitz (who are exploring our relationship to data through the tangible medium of knitting). Both artist duos are currently working on new projects that will be part of Control Shift in the autumn. 

Find out more about Control Shift, and how to get involved here.

Control Shift is funded by Arts Council England, Knowle West Media Centre, Institute of Coding, and University of the West of England. And supported by Watershed, Furtherfield, Aksioma, We the Curious, Bristol City Council, and Processing Community Day.


Join us on Fri 5th June, 13:00-14:00 for the talk and to take part in the discussion afterwards.

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