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Becca Rose

Artist, designer and educator making playful work at the intersection of craft, education, and technology.

An image of Becca wearing a pink scarf and yellow jumper by a blue van with a cute dog in the drivers seat


You Make the Rules

You Make the Rules is a space for making (doing) seeing art and code.
A child's hand using the Bear Abouts paper sensors on an iPad

Bear Abouts

Digital platform that gives kids the power to create and influence stories using paper objects.


Workshop for making digital "interactive" comics and zines.
Picture of a women wearing a "WF" bracelet

E-Stitches Bristol

Monthly meet-up to explore wearable technologies, e-textiles, and soft circuitry.

Becca Rose is an artist, designer and educator. She makes playful work at the intersection of craft, education, and technology. She combines textile techniques, traditional crafts, and smart materials to explore how age-old knowledge in the hands can inform the way we think about new technologies, and often runs educational workhsops to explore these processes.

Becca works on creative education projects, and in the past had worked on projects with NuVu, Exploratorium, Playable Cities, Code Liberation Foundation, Interactive Scientific, Maker Ed, and San Francisco Center for the Book. She works as a senior lecturer in Creative Technologies and is a member of the DCRC at the University of the West of England. She is currently studying for a PhD in Design Education at Goldsmiths, part of the AHRC Design Star consortium.

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