Event dates

Tue 13 Feb 10:00-12:00, Wed 14 Feb 10:00-12:00

8-14 year olds are invited to a 2 hour audible weaving workshop with Dhaqan Collective, a British feminist art collective of Somali women, where they will bring some materials alive through sound!

Daqhan Collective will share some of their practice, rooted in Somali nomadic life, which explores ways to combining sound and physical 'woven' artefacts to create audible tapestries. 

Attendees will explore oral storytelling, experiment with techniques for capturing those stories, and weave them into their own audio friendship bracelets which they can take away with them.

Tickets are free, but places are limited. Each group of young people must be accompanied by 1 adult, grown ups are invited to get stuck in too!

You can book tickets through the main Watershed website here:


This session will be hosted by Ayan Cilmi and Fozia Ismail. Their practice asks and seeks to find ways of building imaginative futures that support Somali people here and in East Africa to resist the threats over our cultural heritage. They are a feminist art collective of Somali women, centering the voices of women and elders in our community, and privileging co-creation and collaboration.

They will be supported by Tony Bhajam, Producer at the PM Studio. 

If you have any questions or if there's things we shoud know to help you and your young people to be comfortable during the session get in touch with him.