Engineering Reimagined is a wide, curved wall that responds to visitors’ touch. A combination of painted lines, projected animations and sounds invite you to interact. Through experimentation and discovery, you can transform the projections and initiate related sounds. 

What starts out as an abstract engineers’ playground containing intriguing shapes and objects, such as a cotton reel and bicycle wheel, is transformed by your interactions into a colourful theme park complete with rollercoaster, carousel and train. 

To generate the initial ideas for Engineering Reimagined we met with young people from a charity called The Island. We took along some of the technology used to make the exhibit and led them through 2 days of workshops where they made their own scaled-down interactive walls with copper tape and electric paint, triggering home-made sound effects and collaging ideas for animations.

Wonderlab: The Bramall Gallery, is also home to 17 other exciting hands-on exhibits as well as live science shows. It is in the National Railway Museum in York, which is open daily from 10am - 4.30pm (last admission 3.30pm).

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