Tom Marshman has been a practicing performance artist for fifteen years and has produced over 20 projects in a wide range of medium including performance, photography, installation, publication and film. He actively encourages a dialogue with audiences and participants, aiming to create a safe space to share their thoughts and experiences. The results give very evocative authentic glimpses into everyday things. 

Tom has been awarded a Micro-residency at Pervasive Media Studio to develop Move Over Darling, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) history project that began in 2010. Since this time, Tom has worked with local communities to collect older LGBT people’s stories, from which he has created a moving performance walk. The work is rich with sordid, heartbreaking, triumph over adversity, and politically charged memories that are often linked to specific Bristol locations. Tom will use his time at the Studio to research ways in which creative technologies could be used to share these stories further and enable a new kind of live performance.

Micro-residencies enable artists to rapidly develop ideas, within the collaborative environment of the Pervasive Media Studio. They provide a platform for critical and technical investigation, and a forum in which new ideas can take shape.

Tom's residency will run between September and November 2014. During this time, he will openly share progress and become part of the community at Pervasive Media Studio.

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