Tom’s practice honours the art of conversation and creates spaces that enable people to share their stories. He has been developing this process for twenty years through his practice as an artist, working in a wide range of media including performance, photography, installation, publication and film.

Tom creates safe spaces where people can open up and share thoughts and memories. He works with communities to transform people’s thoughts and experiences into artistic experiences. The results give evocative, authentic glimpses into everyday things - addressing issues that are often considered mundane or commonplace, and exploring what is often taken for granted.

His latest show, A Place in the Sun, premiered at Mayfest 2015. Recent shows include mac, Birmingham; Word of Warning, Manchester; Bristol Old Vic and Arnolfini. In May 2015, he curated a night of performance and installation for Bristol Museum for the Museums at night. He is currently developing a project on LGBT history with The Arches, Glasgow.

Studio themes