Exploration of space + Game + Video + Surround Sound + Live Performance

What do we value in today’s constantly changing society?

In order to have control of their lives in an era that is defined by instability, people view the world according to their own beliefs and philosophies. Plug-in City is a crafted city that is a result of collecting individual perspectives of residents living in Seoul today. By looking at the lives of people who are searching for meaning in our ever-fluctuating modern society, one can learn to empathize with other people’s feelings and values. 

I have researched the lives of people in Seoul for one year, and came up with five keywords: Security, Communication, Truth, Escape, Power. Which of the five keywords affect you?

The audience will move and explore the performance space using ios app developed with unity game engine. Surrounded by stereoscopic sound, video, and live performance, audience members will be able to look deeply into the daily life of others, think about life in the city and the city in which they live.


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