Borahm Kim


Borahm is a media artist and a director of creative group Untitled Road. Untitled Road creates experimental works using “space” though collaboration with artists and non-artists from various fields.


Plug-in City

Plug-in City is a mysterious crafted city. Audience will look deeply into the daily life of 5 people, think about life in the city and the city in which they live with Plug-in City App.

Untitled Train

Untitled Train is an observational, experiential performance piece that combines video, sound, and live performance. Audience are invited to take a walk through the subway, an everyday occurrence, with iPad and headphone.

Untitled Mountain

Untitled Mountain is site-exploring performance. Audience receive a set of iPad & headphone. While walking through the building the audience find themselves standing in the middle of scattered time of the 3 people.

Hi, I am Borahm Kim from South Korea.

I have been researching hidden structures of the city by collecting stories from everyday life of ordinary citizen. Ordinary people’s everyday life may sound like nothing special. However, I have a strong belief that there is no one who is ordinary.
If you observe closely, everyone is unique and weird... other word special. I have been transforming collected stories and researched data from the city into observational, experiential performance.

I have created few theatrical works related to this concept.