I'm developing a comedy show about trying to become a comedian. The mission I have given myself is to try and become funnier by training and gigging as a stand up comedian on the amateur circuit. With my social anthropological signature style of creating work, I am studying the behaviors and rituals of the stand up comedy tribe.

There is an underlying theme ... I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, which means I have a lack of dopamine so I am bored by most things and preoccupied with finding rewards. I was prescribed medication in the form of amphetamines by doctors and was put on the same dosage as children. I was off my head, my productivity levels were incredible but my creativity disappeared and socially I was a zombie.

I want to see if comedy can be an alternative to medication by attempting to become a stand up comedian. Making people laugh releases dopamine. I am working with a neuroscientist and an EEG headset to find out more about the brain and what happens to it when you are funny.

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