Writer/director Hazel Grian was given a pervasive Media Studio Artists Residency to create Daemon, a person’s inner-self made visible in the physical world. 

Daemon is an entity who responds to your thoughts and emotions and to your physical actions: following, protecting, contradicting, knowing you. Not just a robot, not just a pet:  Daemon is your inner self made visible in the physical world. Together you and your Daemon will go on adventures throughout the world.

Hazel will be asking these questions:

1. Does meaningful, emotionally engaging narrative need to be experienced in a fixed environment ie screen, book, stage, or can it be pervasive?

2. How well can a robot respond to an individual user’s thoughts and emotions as well as their voice and physical movements?

3. How can such a robot work in unison with its user, learning to respond and play and advise like a friend?

4. Can I bring an adventure narrative into the relationship which reflects similar ‘literary quest’ relationships like in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings and other fantasy fiction.

Website: http://hazelgrian.blogspot.com/

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