'In the Shadow' combines interactive technology with the production values associated with over a decade of fine art publishing in an elegantly interactive and intuitive interface. By showcasing the beautiful and extensive multi-media portfolio of the award-winning photographer Leonie Hampton, the huge pictorial story-telling potential of the iPad is now finally fully exploited.

The publication effortlessly changes between media, from moving image and sound, to text and photography, bringing narratives to life and presenting new and intimate modes of engagement. By exploring the way in which content should be structured and presented to maximise user engagement, the process of transferring a static portfolio of work into an interactive experience has created a new artwork in a new medium.

More than simply, the interactive version of a photobook, 'In the Shadow' presents the moving account of a woman and her family living with her Contamination OCD condition. A delicate, troubled, but loving understanding is presented through a multi-dimensional interface demonstrating that ‘new publishing’ can mean far more than simply being the electronic version of a paper book.

This multi-media app acts as a kind of a tailor-made gallery. Pick a picture, any picture and it will lead you down different emotional paths of a deeply personal, powerful story immersing you in one family’s battle against OCD, sometimes painful, sometimes humorous. As well as viewing Hampton’s expressive original images, users can delve through re-discovered family videos, drawings and archive photographs, witness audio of family arguments and monologues, and dip into transcripts of private conversations.

'In the Shadow' is a Prototype Project funded by REACT (The Future of the Photobook).

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