Studio resident Jackie Calderwood is working with Strata Collective on Soundlines, a new project, funded by Awards for All and South West Screen with UK Film Council Lottery Funding and supported by the Pervasive Media Studio, Worle Community School and other partners.

Soundlines is a multi-faceted synthesis of music, story, animation, film, web and mediascape; in a rich community-based educational project running until May 2010.

Strata Collective and guest facilitators will work with young people and community members from the Weston-super-Mare area in a series of extra-curricular workshops (story & landscape, animation, video, video-editing, music, mediascape, mapping) and mentoring sessions to explore their connection with rural landscape and the human journey. Working with eShed, Pervasive Media Studio, Worle School and its' partner Primary Schools, Dane Watkins (animation artist) & Count Me In (drumming and performance arts), Strata creates audio visual content and build site-specific mediascape and a website, with young people active as participants, peer mentors and trainees.

Animated walks reflect a dynamic process of engagement with the landscape (gps mobile technology, site visits, image-making and video). Students learn simple drawn techniques ('rhubarb & custard' style) which come alive through their own walks on Sand Point (to the NorthEast of Weston).

Young people and elder community members use video to collect experiences of the landscape, its history, myths and imaginings. This forms the basis of a film-generating mediascape walk for the wider community which can be used at any location (e.g. school playing field, Sand Point, Weston promenade).

Documentary video captures the learning experience and live collaboration of artist/participant/maker, artefact and audience/user. Bristol's e-shed young doc team contribute to and learn from this exchange.

Participants' walks and response to the landscape create traces (motion paths) and layers of audio soundtrack which merge with their own response (moving image) to form a range of animated short films unique to each individual.

These films are recorded & published online, celebrating the diversity of individual experience within a collaborative community; alongside documentary video by eShed volunteers.

A cross-community event in spring 2010 will share and promote the mediascapes, films & website.

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