Geo-located soundscapes for dramatised heritage interpretation, contemporary music and contemporary poetry.

SATSYMPH have announced the launch of their latest geo-located work, ‘On a Theme of Hermes’.

The work has been specifically tailored for Hamworthy Park, Poole; along from the MShed and the Arnolfini leading into Millennium Square in Bristol; and for two locations in Wroclaw, Poland. Excitingly, a portable version of the Hermes experience can also be accessed anywhere in the world you choose by going to a large open space, opening the app and following the on-screen instructions. Different to the site-specific installations above, the portable version of ‘Hermes’ spreads in a radius around your position at a given site throwing up unpredictable and serendipitous relationships to the chosen location

‘On a Theme of Hermes’ is a GPS-triggered contemporary music and contemporary poetry fusion for large-scale ensemble and voices. The SATSYMPH-HERMES app has been published by Calvium and is the first fully portable GPS app they have published..

They have chosen the theme of  the Greek god ‘Hermes’ as he is, traditionally, messenger of the gods, guide to the Underworld, patron of thieves, liars, of literature and poets, as well as of boundaries (and those who, as in this work, “travel across them”).

SATSYMPH is contemporary composer Marc Yeats, poet and writer Ralph Hoyte and coder, audio-engineer and musician Phill Phelps. We create multi-layered GPS-triggered soundscapes for your personal smartphone which respond dynamically to where you are and what you do.