TipTap is the mobile app created by Rebeca Esteves that enables you to tip a worthy worker or a team directly.

This fair tipping app is a way to easily tip without cash and make sure that the right people actually receive the money.

As the paying customer you will be in full control of who you want to tip. And by removing the employer from the transaction, TipTap is able to ensure as much of the tip as possible goes to the people who have worked hard to provide you with excellent service.

You have full transparency when tipping, you will know exactly who is receiving what, when you tip. 

The app enables you to find the person(s) you want to tip via their place of work, using Google Pay coupled with our secure payment gateway, payments are fast and secure. TipTap works in all industries where tipping may be involved.

You can try out TipTap at Watershed, and a few other locations accross Bristol.

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