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The VRGO is a motion input for virtual reality and gaming.

Made by

Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan, founder and director of VRGO, is working on a new kind of movement controller that he hopes will resolve some of the common problems related to locomotion in VR.

Working with


Kaspar Emanuel

Kaspar is a freelance electronic design engineer and software developer working on projects ranging from musical instruments, to robots, to Braille displays.

Virtual Reality is a 360 degree computer-simulated environment that creates the feeling that you are in another world.

The possibilities for this technology to disrupt how we interact in both business and socially are huge but there are still a few problems that are yet to be resolved. 

Movement (especially walking) is one of the biggest challenges in this field as the traditional joypad input can draw you out of the immersion through a lack of active physical input and a kind of motion sickness that can effect some users. 

I designed the VRGO to help counter these problems as an intuitive, hands free way to navigate within VR.


Simply by tilting the chair you start to walk in that same direction within the virtual space. When you turn the chair your virtual self changes the direction they are facing. 

It wirelessly connects over Bluetooth to an onboard motion sensor that has been developed with the help of other Pervasive Media Studio members. 

The project is ongoing and has been helped with a sucessful Kickstarter campaign. We are looking to launch the product globally by the end of the year. 

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