Light is a central driver of biological processes and systems and the changes in Arctic sea ice are resulting in increasing light transmittance and absorption.

Impermafrost seeks to encourage reflection on environmental dialogues. The alchemy of glass through the transformative qualities of heat and light allow for connections alluding to ice forms and processes of climate change. 

The light is animated through responsive coding allowing for triggered projections of the glass embodiments. The cyclical illumination of the works is informed by the shifting states of perennial Arctic sea ice flow.

The installation was generously supported by S12 during a residency undertaken at S12 glass studio, Norway.

The animated light responds to climate data obtained from National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Materials: 50 Individual hand blown glass forms (10 – 15 cm, LEDs, Micro control system, large suspended glass ice sheets.

Immersive sound of fractured ice and glass.

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