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Alex Jones

Audio and music programming and applications.


Worked on

Futurism 3.0: Onallee & performers

Futurism 3.0

Futurism 3.0 is the world's first immersive drum and bass experience created and produced by Onallee in collaboration with Pervasive Studio Artists and Bristol creatives. Started in August 2016, the first task was to develop…

Alex Jones is a researcher focused on music, digital audio and human-computer interaction. Some of his current interests are creative applications of spatial audio, improvising with computers, and liveness in computer music.

Projects that he has worked on include:

ControllAR uses augmented reality techniques to provide visual feedback directly on digital music control surfaces. A research internship at UWE looked at creating an object-based spatialisation system. This led to a collaboration with studio resident Tarim, using the system for a theatre piece, which was the subject of a lunchtime talkReflets is a mixed-reality environment for musical performances created at the BIG lab in Bristol. A demonstration and performance was given at Bristol bright night 2015.

He will complete a degree in Audio Music Technology at UWE in summer 2017.