Futurism 3.0 is the world's first immersive drum and bass experience created and produced by Onallee in collaboration with Pervasive Studio Artists and Bristol creatives. Started in August 2016, the first task was to develop the drones which would form part of the narravative - the drones being used as actors in the storyline. Onallee teamed up with Matt Walsh, Head of Drones at the BBC, to produce a flying projector and a sphere drone. She teamed up with Full Cycle producer D Product to make the music and create the sound design. Bristol textile designer Ryhannan Hall was bought in to finalise the costumes. Onallee worked with 2 drama students from UWE and a community choir who were co opted to augment the performance with movement and to provide characters and a sonic spatial dimension to enhance the immersion. The support from the entire Pervasive Community whilst building the show was invaluable: to the informal chats, brain storming and feedback. Onallee is now working on the second iteration where she will concentrate on spatial audio (with studio resident Alex Jones) and developing the narrative as well as working on 3D visual element and projections on to transparent or temporary surfaces. A youth development program has also been set up to run alongside the project to transfer skills and knowledge to young early career practitioners offering an 'accelerated' environment for learning and production.

This project is supported by Arts Council England.

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