Alison is one of the Watershed micro-residents as part of the MyWorld Ideas programme. Alison will spend three months in residence at the Pervasive Media Studio part of a project called STREAM, which is a partnership between UWE, Marshmallow Laser Feast and All Seeing Eye. The aim is to investigate and navigate what accessible location-based VR could look like.  

I am a Neurodivergent theatre practitioner, performer and playwright specialising in Heritage theatre. As a writer for theatre, I have had work commissioned and produced by Museums and Theatre Companies across the British Isles. My work has been shortlisted for the for the 2022 & 2020 DYSPLA Residency Prize, the 2017 Salisbury Playhouse Theatre Fest West Prize, the 2014 Old Vic, New Voices: TS Elliot Commission, and The Salisbury Playhouse 2014 Original Drama Call Out. 

My most recent work has been a year-long personalised training programme in Song writing and Music/Music in Theatre through the highly competitive Developing Your Creative Practice Grant from Arts Council England. This programme consisted of a number of Masterclasses with industry singer/songwriters, singing professionals, Music and Music in Theatre artists, Heritage Music Engagement and Interpretations professionals and culminated in production of an EP in January of 2023. 

As a Neurodivergent artist, I’m passionate about accessibility and embedding it into the work I do. I’ve trained in Arts Accessibility with Kirsty Hoyle at Include Arts, Running Inclusive Rehearsal Rooms with Diverse-city, and completed basic training in Makaton. I’ve also been part of the consultation group helping Miriam Higgins to create her Neurodiversity Theatre Handbook. 

When not exploring my own creative work, I work with theatres and theatre companies to provide Accessibility Consultancy to improve approaches to accessibility and accessible performances and their marketing. Part of this practice includes creating accessible spaces, creating relaxed performances and break out spaces, web pages, newsletters, and handouts aimed at increasing accessibility and inclusivity for arts organisations and their projects. One of my specialties is creating Visual Stories that can be downloaded prior to visits with clear, easy-read information and instructions.