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MyWorld - Strength in Places

Watershed is excited to be a partner in MyWorld, a project led by the University of Bristol that will celebrate the West of England's reputation as an international trailblazer in creative technology and screen-based media.

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Portrait of a woman staring into the camera holding glasses

Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt

Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt is currently a producer on the MyWorld programme, a five year programme which will showcase the latest advances in digital production and research.

Jo Lansdowne

Jo leads Watershed's Creative Technology team; supporting research activity, talent development and the resident community to deliver brilliant work.
Photo of Martin O'Leary

Martin O'Leary

As Creative Technologist, Martin explores and evaluates new technologies and advises and assists residents on the technical aspects of their projects.
Photo of Danielle Rose, a white woman in her late thirties, strawberry blonde hair, blue grey eyes, smiling face

Danielle Rose

As Network Producer, Danielle supports the studio community to build relationships to new audiences in Bristol and beyond; making its R&D community more visible with more accessible opportunities to participate.
Photo of Tony Bhajam, Inclusion Producer, Watershed

Tony Bhajam

Tony is an Inclusion Producer on the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D programme.

Over the next four years Watershed is part of a programme called MyWorld which will showcase pioneering new digital formats and technologies to create innovative experiences across fiction, documentary, games, and live performance.

With a unique set of creative partners and research collaborators MyWorld will present a set of trailblazing augmented, experimental and immersive experiences. Technologies taking centre stage in MyWorld include the latest developments in film and television visual and audio production; volumetric capture, mixed reality, motion capture, virtual production, digital doubles, remote robotics, avatar creation… and much more.

Watershed Open Calls, Test Space and Audience Engagement

At Watershed, you will be able to experience work emerging from MyWorld in accessible, fun ways which might range from augmented and virtual reality to motion capture, remote robotics, avatar creation and so much more. You might come across a new prototype being tested in the Café & Bar, or join a conversation about early-stage research and development, or take part in an immersive bit of programming.

We will also be running a series of Funded Open Calls for small companies, freelancers and sole traders that will showcase and amplify MyWorld work and give more people the chance to experiment with new technologies, create meaningful experiences for audiences, ask questions and test out high-risk ideas.

The opportunities will include:

All the ways you can engage with MyWorld will be posted on the Watershed Opportunities page from late Spring/early Summer onwards.

MyWorld aim

Led by the University of Bristol, the aim of MyWorld is to position the South West of the UK as an international trailblazer in screen-based media, forge dynamic collaborations to progress technological innovation, deliver creative excellence, establish and operate state of the art facilities, offer skills training and drive inward investment, raising the region’s profile on the global stage.

Visit the MyWorld website for more information on the project.



MyWorld is funded through UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) ‘Strength in Places fund’. 

Main Delivery partners: University of Bristol, University of the West of England, University of Bath, Bath Spa University, Digital Catapult, Aardman Animations, BDH, Esprit Film and Television, Bristol Old Vic and Opposable Games.

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