Amy is one half of Anagram. ANAGRAM is an award-winning creative collective who make immersive experiences that bring together innovative digital interaction and stories told from real life. These experiences could be anywhere but they are always somewhere – a built set or an ancient building – and they engage with you, as the participant, in a physical, playful and poetic way; you will not leave in quite the same state as you arrived. At its core, the work invites people to consider what it means to be alive today, in this society and alongside these people. Through understanding the experience of others, we want to challenge the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Winners of the Tribeca Storyscapes 2015 prize and picked as one of the Digital Dozen by Columbia University for Door Into The Dark, Anagram were picked for the Creative 50 for 2016 by Creative England.

Anagram make a combination of self-started and commissioned-to-brief projects, alongside running workshops, giving talks and providing creative mentorship. Almost all of these projects embed technology into a narrative experience in surprising and recently-possible ways.