Workshop for making digital "interactive" comics and zines.

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Becca Rose

Artist, designer and educator making playful work at the intersection of craft, education, and technology.

#flatgamejam is a workshop for people to develop “flatgames” in person. We use craft materials such as felt-tip pens, pom-poms, glue and all sorts of sparkly things to make sprites and digital game worlds. Narrative and characters are based on personal stories, and often poetic or more like an interactive digital comic book or zine than a traditional platform game.

See the games we made in the Bristol jam here: 

Read a blog post about the Oakland jam here:

The making process starts with personal experience, poetry, bad drawings, spelling mistakes, word-play, dreams, or doodles. We love silliness. We love games that tell stories, or allow you to see from other points of view, and we respect how different everybody’s games are. We think that this approach to gaming broadens the scope of what games can be, and we believe that this opens up the game space to allow for new and varied perspectives.

The first #flatgamejam was a virtual jam hosted on organised by Llaura Dreamfeel and Breogán Hackett

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