Clarice Hilton is a researcher and creative technologist focused on disability centred design in immersive technology. She is passionate about participatory design where the collaborators are embedded as co-creators. Her work seeks to design processes and tools to empower disabled creatives and disrupt the inaccessibility of immersive design.

Clarice is one of six Watershed Fellows in Residence as part of the MyWorld Ideas programme. She will spend six months in Pervasive Media Studio working with UWE Bristol in partnership with Marshmallow Laser Feast and All Seeing Eye from June 2023. This is a practical Fellowship focused on exploring the ways in which people with different Disabilities might experience and value various modalities (such as such as type of headset, controller and environmental interaction) in location-based VR, and how this should inform the design process.

She is excited to learn from and with the project partners exploring how Disability focused design can be embedded in the development of location based VR. With a plan to do participatory design she's looking forward to what is to be discovered within these collaborative design sessions.