Dave currently works with sound and livestreaming and is exploring how objects and spaces can be given voice. His work reframes the livestream, usually associated with efficiency or entertainment, as an expressive opportunity in an attempt to tackle the complex problem of hierarchies of social and cultural audibility by amplifying and distributing assemblages that are otherwise expected to remain quiet or silent. 

In 2023 Dave initiated the ‘Listening in…’ Project with Sefton Libraries, in which participants were invited to explore and challenge the traditionally ‘quiet’ environment of the library. The result was a series of events including workshops, sound walks and performances in an around the libraries. Dave continues to work with Sefton Libraries to explore and celebrate the long defunct nightclub ‘Quadrant Park,’ Bootle, North Liverpool. The club was the first legal house music all-nighter in 1990 and the project, will celebrate its stories and lost sounds through an ‘all-night’ radio broadcast and online archive. 

Other recent projects include Peripheri.es, a live sound broadcast and performance at Bluecoat, Liverpool, in which in which the hidden sounds of the mechanics of exhibition marking were shared with an online audience. Also, Edge Hill Garden Network, with Metal Liverpool, was a solar powered a wireless local area network that connected a permaculture garden in a train station to commuters waiting for their trains. Dave was awarded a PhD in 2022 from Goldsmiths, University of London, that investigated retreat as a creative strategy and how artists can build digital networks as artworks. 

web: evansdave.com instagram: @square_crisps