David Birchall

NOISE Orchestra

I'm working here with Vicky Clarke designing a walking composition/experience for different cities using machines which translate light into sound as part of the artist duo Noise Orchestra.

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Image of Noise Orchestra

Noise Orchestra

Developing portable Noise Machines that respond to light to play cities

I'm a musician living and working in Manchester in real time with sound and instruments. This performance practice as an improviser becomes a way to think more widely about  how sound functions in space and the built environment.

I also improvising solo and with others using guitars, objects and non-fixed instrument structures.

I've done some or all of these things at different times in Europe, Russia, North America and Japan.

I've undertaken artist residencies at Q02 Brussels, STEIM Amsterdam, Penthouse Manchester, Madlab Manchester, National Media Museum Bradford, Pervasive Media Studios Bristol, Funadcion Monde Digitale Roma & Beppu Project Beppu.

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