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Noise Orchestra

NOISE Orchestra

Developing portable Noise Machines that respond to light to play cities

Image of Noise Orchestra

Made by

Vicky Clarke

Maker of sound sculptures, electronic musician and co-founder of Noise Orchestra

David Birchall

I'm working here with Vicky Clarke designing a walking composition/experience for different cities using machines which translate light into sound as part of the artist duo Noise Orchestra.

For the artist residency, Noise Orchestra are developing portable noise machines that play cities through light; developing noisy sound walks with audiences to reinterpret the cities architecture and spaces through sound. Work will premiere at SPECTRA, Rome Media Art Festival and Article Biennial in 2018.

Noise Orchestra's practice operates at the intersection of art, experimental music and technology and manifests in performances, DIY instrument making, workshops and installations; all inspired by the photo-phonic principles of synthesizing sound from light.

They have previously been artists in residence at the National Science and Media Museum, undertaking research in Moscow at the Theremin Centre and tech development projects at STEIM, Amsterdam, Q-02, Brussels and performed at Berlin's CTM Festival. This year they completed R+D funded by Innovate UK working with electronic musicians to test their machines in a performance context.


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