I'm a freelance web developer after doing the same role in a startup. I use mostly javascript in my art practice creating browser based generative art and in live code performance contexts. I'm also currently a Young Ambassador for the National Gallery and was previously a Young Producer there in my final year of undergrad. I'm interested in how art mythologises history and the present and what the political consequences of that are as well as what that can mean when done with code. Looking forward to collaborate with other residents! 🤝

I'm very honoured to receive the ten month MyWorld Community Tech Infrastructure Fellowship at Knowle West Media Centre  as part of the MyWorld Ideas programme starting in November 2023. I'm looking forward to engaging with the Knowle West community in exploring use cases for the growing field of community tech. I'm a creative technologist and I can only see my practice benefit from co-creating with the KWMC community and MyWorld. 

I'm excited to collaboratively investigate and produce tangible case studies demonstrating uses for the KWMC R&D network, particularly creative use of sensors and LoRaWAN technology with my own creative-code art practice; AI-critical experimentation and community consultation; the real-time capabilities of the KWMC high-speed fiber and the suite of digital fabrication tools at the KWMC Factory as well as the technology in the MyWorld production kit. 

From this Fellowship I hope to identify the challenges and barriers to access for community tech at KWMC. I also hope to provide a strong case for greater investment in community tech infrastructure and push the creative limits of community tech's potential.