Harry Willmott is a curious creator and tenacious learner who has cultivated an interdisciplinary Career filled with art, design, technology, research and education. 

He is currently fascinated by what combinations of art and technology are required for successful immersive experiences that are scintillating macrocosms of beguiling delight! 

Harry is one of Watershed Fellows in Residence as part of the MyWorld Ideas programme. He will spend six months in residence at Zero Point Motion from June 2023. This is a practical and experimental Fellowship focused on designing and conducting user research using VR enriched with finger tracking and physiological monitoring, to understand how these features impact the user’s presence and immersion in the experience.

He is very curious as to how live physiological data could influence an immersive experience and is super excited to work amongst Zero Point Motion in developing and play testing Digibeat. He is fascinated by what makes experiences "immersive" and intrigued by how we might measure such immersion.