Helen Brown is a behavioural scientist and UX design consultant exploring how people experience new forms of 3D content in the metaverse. She has a PhD in psychology and was a team member on the VR Immersive Documentary Encounters project. A love for video games and the opportunity for imaginative, non-linear design drew her to the shape-shifting world of immersive technologies. 

Helen is one of Watershed Fellows in Residence as part of the MyWorld Ideas programme. She will spend ten months in residence at Condense with the MyWorld Understanding Audiences Research group from June 2023. This is an academic Fellowship evaluating different ways of performing in Condense’s virtual venue and shaping guidance for performers through experimentation and user experience research. This Fellowship is a collaboration with another Fellow, also at Condense, with a more practical focus on performance techniques in the virtual venue.

She's looking forward to grappling with the user-experience challenges of 3D live events. She's particularly interested in the social elements of these experiences, such as the interactions between audience members, what makes people feel connected to each other and the performers, and also what helps people feel safe.