Ifẹ G is an award-winning performer, writer, campaigner, producer, and educator based in Bristol. Their work focuses on unpacking what it means to be human in an innovative, chaotic, and engaging way. Not one to box themselves into any specific genre, if you come to one of Ifẹ's shows, expect a bit of everything and anything. 

Ifẹ's work has been featured in places like the BBC, Bristol Pride, Watershed, Penguin, and Tinder. They're a National Poetry Finalist and won the UK University National Poetry Championships in 2020. Their one-man show, Ode to Heros, was part of the UK Young Artists Festival. In 2021, they were one of the Co-Authors of Penguin’s Black Joy Anthology and were included on RIfe Magazine's 30 Under 30 list. They've spent the last year and a half producing Arts Research Outreach projects for the University of Bristol 

They've always made empowering young people their mission and in 2020, they became the youngest ever trustee of the NSPCC. They've spent years consulting organisations and brands such as Google, The European Parliament, and the Department for Education on the needs of young people in the 21st Century 


They're currently researching and developing work looking at gossip and secrecy, and love and revolution. Get in touch!

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