Alternative Technologies: A Just Transition is a workshop series run by Watershed which builds on our Alternative Technologies workshop series, also integrating our previous work looking at a creative just transition and inclusion framework for change, towards the co-creation of a new climate justice innovation methodology. In this project we are focusing on a just transition and how we shift from an extractive economy to a to a life affirming, regenerative one, and we are approaching this work with enthusiasm and curiosity.

The series comprises of three workshops between February and April 2024 and is attended by participants including Pervasive Media Studio and UWE staff, and 15 participants from across Pervasive Media Studio residents, the Grounding Technologies cohort, and the Watershed-MyWorld STREAM micro-residencies.

This project is supported by Dr Erinma Ochu’s work on Community for Engaging Environments, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

You can find our final report here: