Imwen Eke is exploring the platform of participatory performance to reconceive what it means to have a political conversation using artistic, digital and cultural means.

Her practice was born out of a desire to investigate live interactive performance, digital technology and narratives that engage with new audiences outside the conventions of traditional theatre.

During a Blast Theory residency, she formulated ideas exploring digital interaction and immersive encounters narrated through a Black British lens and she is currently developing the technology to support those ideas at the PM studios as an experience called 'Blk Rooms'.

Imwen is also a B3 Talent Lab 2017 shortlisted artist. Her submission 'Hero's Villans & History' an augmented reality multi-platform experience which examines the power and politics of storytelling, is at present in development with B3 Media. 

Ever curious to dissect physical spaces where audiences converge to exchange she recently completed a residency with award-winning performance artist Bryony Kimmings exploring Live Arts practice.

Imwen is a LIFT artist (London International Festival of Theatre) collaborating with theatre company Mammalian Diving Reflex to deliver a 5-year alternative performative education program outside of the curriculum; working with 30 school children for the entirety of their secondary school life.

With over twelve years experience in theatre and event production, grassroots engagement, arts regeneration, placemaking and exposure to a lineage of non-traditional methodology rooted in exploring new models that engage. Her work has always been collaborative and multi-platform with specialized experience in creative, community and commercial multidisciplinary events in discarded spaces.  

Her previous roles include: co-founder of Brixton Design Trail, co-director of We Love Brixton and co-director of The Brick Box and production assistant for acclaimed theatre companies SHUNT & Punchdrunk.

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