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Jasmine Creusson

Recently joined as a micro resident working on a project that combines food with technology. Looking into the themes of forgotten foods and how this relates to ever growing need for the 'instant' within our modern society.

Jasmine Creusson

Worked on

Feeling Food

A day of exploring, experimenting and rapid prototyping with food, taste and mid-air touch

I’m a visual artist and chef. I have worked in a number of professional kitchens including Terre a Terre, the acclaimed vegetarian restaurant and Birch who recently gained 34th position in the top fifty UK best restaurants this year. I am now combining both my artistic and culinary skills to create events that bring both together. 

To collaborate and create food that has a story. The chance to create dishes without restaurant restrictions, to share all that I have learnt from the past 7 years of working in some of England’s finest establishments. With all the years of dedication, hard work, sweat, blood and tears its obvious: I’m still mad about food. 

I grew up in rural France learning how to live off the land, how to make cider and how to butcher animals. This early childhood of food memories still inspires my creations today. As a visual artist and performer, my multi disciplinary background, skills and humour culminate together in my latest piece of work ‘FOUR’ which is a four course, immersive dining experience at Watershed. 

I like to create an ambience using all the senses through the use of film, audio and life performance in the form of storytelling through conversations with people. By doing so we can unearth the hidden layers of what might appear to be an ordinary dish.