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Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell (M.A. Cantab) is a composer, artist and creative producer. She specialises in verbatim audio works, as well as creating participatory events that inspire new ways of thinking or doing.

A portrait of Jennifer smiling in a sunset.

Jennifer Bell (BBC Radio 4, Bristol Old Vic) is a composer, creative producer and artist. She creates song portraits of people, often drawn from verbatim gathered from interviews.

She specialises in close-harmony vocal compositions and unaccompanied singing, as a way of chronicling places or groups of people. Her practice has been the focus of Michael Rosen’s BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth, following her song tour of The Houses of Parliament, ‘Mouthpiece’.

Jennifer collaborates across multiple genres with dancers, filmmakers, live artists and the public. Her most recent works 'Lighthouses' (radio) and 'One Side Lies the Sea' (performance) are musical docudramas that interweave true stories with bespoke songs. Working in the UK and internationally, she likes to perform or stage work in surprising places, including offices, buses, and living rooms. This includes accessible arts events for diverse people to enjoy new ways of thinking and doing, such as ‘Assembly!’ and ‘Social Muscle Club’. 

Working with the public as collaborators, she co-creates stories along lines of shared experience, and her pieces give voice to the unsung struggles of everyday life. She has a passion for dramaturgy and translating testimonial material into live performance or audio works. This is based in a practice that is all about relationships - with each other, with the land, with ourselves - and it is about the pleasure found in the process of expression.