Joe likes to create interactive, music-focused work which encourages playfulness and imaginative exploration. He uses this as a tool to explore issues related to the environment, social behaviour and mental health. Joe loves music because of how powerful it is as a universal language. Using music, he aims to speak deeply to people from differing contexts.

As part of a residency at Pervasive Media Studio he is currently working on research and design for a Bristol-based public interactive installation. This project reveals prominent trees in Bristol as storytellers, historians and advisors, offering us a different perspective towards the development of the city, wildlife, and humans interaction with the natural world.

He is also working on an interactive musical emotion gathering instrument. This is aimed to capture young people's emotional responses to various issues, themes and questions related to the climate crisis. This is part of a research project funded by The Brigstow Institute, in collaboration with The University of Bristol, We The Curious and Creative Youth Network

Joe has composed music for theatre, short film and live performance. He performs regularly in a number of groups across the UK playing bass and synths. Other recent works include an online music making exhibition exploring communication and creation during a pandemic and an interactive music installation taking place inside the imagination of a child.

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