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Katy Connor

Katy Connor is a visual artist working in the spaces between embodiment, technologies and materiality.

Image of Katy Connor in her artist studio at Spike Island in Bristol


Image of a hydroponic growing kit

Hydro-Poetics: Hydroponics as an Experimental Poetic System

A speculative arts project exploring the practice of hydroponics: the art of growing plants in a chemical solution, without the use of soil. Visual Artist Katy Connor is working to construct and reimagine a living hydroponic…

Worked on

Concept Design by Hugh Broughton Architects

Building A Martian House

A collaboration with scientists, architects, and the artists' local community to design and plan the build of a functional Martian house.

Katy Connor is a visual artist working in the spaces between embodiment, technologies and materiality. Her work utilises media and materials to explore how our bodies and experiences are reconfigured within bio-technological environments. Frequently working in collaboration with other artists and scientists, her doctoral thesis, ‘Translating the Intimate’ (2016) articulated a poetic and sensory reading of technologies used in biomedical science and industry.

In 2021 she was awarded a residency at the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol to develop research around the practice of hydroponics; exploring ways to consider working with living materials, particularly in relation to the current ecological crisis. Prior residencies include both science laboratories Bristol University, (Blood Culture: Reimag(in)ing Life at a Cellular Scale, 2017-19) and remote ‘wild’ places (Arctic Circle, 2015 and OUTLANDIA, Scottish Highlands 2013) - through her arts practice she reconciles these environments as twin aspects of our contemporary media-ecosphere.

She has presented her interdisciplinary practice at Flat Time House (2019) Art in the Anthropocene, Dublin (2019) London Science Museum and Max Planck Institute, Potsdam, and has co-written two collaborative journal articles with academics for Nano-Ethics(2020) and 'Interdisciplinary Science Reviews(2020). Solo and group exhibitions include: Transmediale, Berlin (2013) Lumen Prize, International Tour (2013-14) Konteksty, Poland (2017) Gossamer Fog, Deptford (2017) We The Curious (2018) and Centre of Gravity, Bristol (2020).