Ella & Nicki are currently collaborating with scientists, architects and their local community in Bristol to research, develop & design plans for a feasible house for humans on Mars.

Operating as installation/working exhibit, the finished build will be a workable, small accommodation inspired by future scenarios where humans live permanently on other planets.

The project embraces its seemingly impossible nature by galvanising the energies of a diverse set of participants. Designing the house also disrupts the common perception of the future/science fiction as inherently apocalyptic into one where the coming together of people with a shared goal creates something that otherwise would never have been.

The build will happen with communities across Bristol as a large-scale participatory art project, with the final ‘Martian house’ built by contributions of thousands of people across the city. It will use DIY technologies on a fraction of the budget of NASA, bringing together the skills of technologists, scientists, artists and the local community to create something real and tangible that invites participants and audiences to consider their future and that of Earth - and to literally build it. The project will work with real technologies and scientific rigour to excite both experts and non-experts in the scientific field, offering an expanded view of what an artwork is and how it can be made.

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