Kexin Liu [Keshin Lee-o] is a Chinese multi-disciplinary artist and design researcher based in the UK.

With a background in practicing spatial design, contemporary jewellery, and generative art, she is especially apt in constructing simple, yet effective art narratives/design solutions based on extensive research and collaborative input from experts in various fields.

In the past, She has produced vinyl records with soundscape generated from microbiome data, co-created AI cutlery sets with over 50 local community members under lockdown, designed wedding rings for couples living in the year 2065... and many more queer and peculiar projects. Right now Kexin is illustrating her up-and-coming Cube._.Cat comic book while working as a digital nomad.

As a generalist, she loves to connect with people from different backgrounds, believing that collaborations push both parties to grow in unexpected ways.