As Studio Coordinator, Lawottim manages and maintains information and schedules across the Research, Talent Development and Studio Community teams with a focus on supporting the studio's residents. 

Lawottim's background is predominantly in music, events, journalism and production management, with previous experience working for international concert promoters, coordinating builds at various UK festivals, and running bookings and socials for some of Bristol's iconic music venues.

Lawottim also supports content creation, music distribution and copywriting for a wide range of local musical and visual artists through his inclusivity led content platform Fruit Machine, co-run with visual artist and filmmaker Francis Beaumier. 

When not at the studio, Lawottim is hugely passionate about music, books, film, photography and cooking, and can often be found taking long walks, competing in obscure Street Fighter tournaments, and searching for the perfect shoe.

Got a question or fancy a chat? Lawottim can be reached at