As a Set Designer Lucy spent decades in the film industry until an accident removed her from the workplace. Isolated, she raged against her limitations until she learnt to accept her invisible pain into her life. Lucy then used her skills to start a festival  aiming to bring connection, reduce isolation and improve civic communities; all using ordinary streets and homes as a canvas.  

Since 2014 she has been developing Window Wanderland CIC, a disabled/global majority-led organisation who support residents (re) connect with their own creativity, through a making process that starts where they are. Using their own window, to create a walking trail of displays. The use resources they have, within their capacity and without judgement. From schools who create memorial projects around grief and loss, to housing associations who spark new connections between their residents; from people who are house-bound and want to make something that shines and shouts out from their own home, to care homes whose residents find new joy in creativity in later life. 

Our network of Community Organisers range from individuals, activists, arts organisations to Local Authorities and include schools, stay-at-home mums, retired people, refugee groups, disabled groups, religious leaders, and groups with addictions. Our vision is for everyone to be able to explore their creativity and enjoy outstanding culture within their communities, to make sense of ourselves and the cities, towns and villages in which we live, to unite communities, to reduce social isolation and to bring joy regardless of age, ability or background.

Lucy was selected as one of 50 UK artists by Sky Arts to create a piece of work around British identity, creating workshops at the Barbican and the Sage. She featured on BBC’s The One Show , was listed as one of the top 50 things to do in Christmas 2022 in the i-newspaper and won the Bristol Life Awards for creativity in 2018.

She grew up in a house called ‘Playtime’ and is in the studio to begin to 'dream a little'.

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