Matthew is a visual artist and conservation scientist whose work focuses on the ways in which humans engage with the environment. He regularly provides specialist cutting edge technology solutions to the broadcast industry in documentary and drama filmmaking while engaging in less conventional digital visual forms in the realms of social media interaction and marketing. Often Matthew’s technological endeavours prove more sustainable alternatives to conventional practices while also exceeding visual expectations in terms of audience engagement by providing more intimate insight into narrative content. 

For the past ten years, Matthew has filmed coastal fisher communities in remote parts of the Asia pacific region, building data regarding poverty within livelihood narratives while studying the health of the surrounding ocean and coral reefs.  This research has led him to develop extreme forms of cinematography in terms of both camera technology and also approaches to unobtrusive filming methods. His ethnographic documentary data was used by NGO’s, the UN and DFID to aid disaster relief efforts following super typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. 

These two strands have led him to work building some of the most cutting edge emerging camera technologies and incorporating extreme augmented systems, real time spatial environment integration and drone technology. Through this camera development, he has worked with International Broadcasters such as the National Geographic Channel and BBC Natural History Unit bringing his research full circle as a broadcast director. He will be explaining the evolution of his work as a response to visual narratives.