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Pete Bennett

University of Bristol

Pete Bennett is a researcher in human-computer interaction at the Bristol Interaction & Graphics Lab.



You Make the Rules

You Make the Rules is a space for making (doing) seeing art and code.
Therapeutic rocking chair

Tangible Memories

Co-producing a set of digital tools to address the key societal challenges concerning the care and well-being of older people and the legacy of the memories and stories that they leave for future generations.

Worked on

Whale calls create visible vibrations in water

Liquid Noise

Liquid Noise uses cymatics to visualise marine bioacoustics and noise pollution. The technique was originally developed for Annie Moir's documentary A Voice Above Nature. The film explored the impact of underwater noise…

Pete Bennett is a researcher in human-computer interaction at the Bristol Interaction & Graphics Lab. His research is driven by the aim of joining the virtual world of 'digital bits' with the real world of objects, and in doing so allowing people to interact with computers physically, through tangible interaction. Currently Pete is exploring both digitally augmented Lego bricks and the concept of the 'musical selfie'.

Previous projects have included: 'Tangible Memories' investigating the stories told around objects in care homes and how these stories can be captured and shared; ChronoTape, an augmented-reality paper timeline for annotating family history research; ChronoTable, a 'research-seismograph' for archeologists; BeatBearing, a drum machine with ball bearings for notes; and SensaBubble, a scented soap-bubble display. Other ongoing projects, collaborations and interests include the development of magnetic pixels, slow technnology, teleporters, robotic origami, lo-fi haptic displays and the new concept of 'resonant user interfaces'.

Pete recently worked with Pervasive Media Studio's two magicians in residence, helping to design and create new magical technology including a mind-reading monkey and a canary-powered ouija board. As part of this 'technology for magic' trade, Pete has learnt a few tricks and developed a tendency to perform these badly at any available opportunity. When not in the lab, Pete enjoys: accumulating books, musical instruments and odd boardgames; finding new uses for misusing the laser cutter; and coaxing weird noises from synths, drums and a cheap Casio keyboard for improvised music performance.

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