Tangible Memories is an AHRC supported interdisciplinary project led by The University of Bristol, working with artists and makers from the Pervasive Media Studio, learning researchers, computer scientists, social historians, older people themselves and those who work with them.

We are co-producing a set of new digital tools that will address some of the key societal challenges concerning the care and well-being of older people and the legacy of the memories and stories that they leave for future generations. We are exploring the way that tangible technologies might be developed in both historical research and in democratic community building.

Projects developed during Tangible Memories range from a rocking chair that plays sounds from nature, poetry and music when in motion, developed by Heidi Hinder and Peter Bennett; to the Story Creator app that allows you to tell stories that are meaningful to you and your loved ones, and listen back to them in easy and accessible ways, developed by Lucy Telling and Barney Heywood from Stand + Stare.

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